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Our new 6-Week Online Program gives you access to our proven treatments and coaches, over your smartphone or laptop
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Defeat Back Pain with Data
With over 100,000 live visits, we’ve successfully treated every type of patient
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Software Driving Outcomes
Our advanced algorithms predict outcomes and provide real-time analytics
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Drastically Reduce your Back Pain Expenditure
We’ve reduced total cost of care by $3M for Sharp Community Medical Group
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Treatments using cutting-edge technology
We’ve designed software and equipment to quantify all factors contributing to back and neck pain
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Eliminate usage of dangerous narcotics
75% of our medicated patients no longer need narcotics or muscle relaxants
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Eradicate Overtreatment in Back Pain Care
We provide the right treatment, at the right time with our coordinated multi-disciplinary team
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Trust Your Back Again
Our methods are driven by years of research, hundreds of peer-reviewed journals and thousands of patient success stories.
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Empowering Patients Using Science and Technology
SpineZone, established in 2005, is recognized as a leader in non-surgical back and neck rehabilitation. Our customers rave about how we have helped them resume their lives.
Powered By Data
Validated outcome measures, objective strength, posture, cognitive-behavioral
Scientifically Validated
120 peer-reviewed papers and 400 referring doctors
Comprehensive Care Services
No matter who you are, how debilitating your pain is, or where you’re located we have the solution for your back and neck pain
Did you know?
Back Pain is the most expensive cause of disability worldwide
Back Pain costs the US over $100B each year
149 million days of work per year are lost because of Low Back Pain
93% increase in prescription medication for spine conditions between 1996 and 2011
5.73% of the US GDP is spent on treating musculoskeletal conditions
100M Americans have chronic pain, 42% of which have back and neck pain
Low back pain accounts for 3.15% of all emergency room visits
60-80% - the lifetime prevalence of low back pain in all industrialized nations
Back Pain is the number one cause of lost work days in the US
The SpineZone Program, developed by spine specialists, relieves back and neck pain while minimizing the need for surgery, prescription drugs or injections.

Watch US Senator Bill Cassidy rave about SpineZone on the floor of congress:

Get Relief Now, with our Online Coaches
SpineZone Online

Our new 6-Week Online Program gives you access to our proven treatments and coaches, over your smartphone or laptop

Get Relief, Online
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