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SpineZone can help you regain your healthy spine
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Thousands of back pain sufferers have gotten their life back with SpineZone’s proven Medical Fitness Program
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A Non-Surgical Alternative to Eliminating Back and Neck Pain
Experience how resilient your body actually is, healing itself in just six weeks
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A Healthy Spine Leads to a Better Quality of Life
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Strengthen Your Spine and Live Pain Free
SpineZone, established in 2005, is recognized as a leader in non-surgical back and neck rehabilitation. Our customers rave about how we have helped them resume their lives.
Building the lifestyle habits for a life-long healthy spine
Customizing the right treatment for your specific needs
Returning you back to life with a stronger, healthier back than ever
Did you know?
Back Pain is the most expensive cause of disability worldwide
Back Pain costs the US over $100B each year
149 million days of work per year are lost because of Low Back Pain
93% increase in prescription medication for spine conditions between 1996 and 2011
5.73% of the US GDP is spent on treating musculoskeletal conditions
100M Americans have chronic pain, 42% of which have back and neck pain
Low back pain accounts for 3.15% of all emergency room visits
60-70% - the lifetime prevalence of low back pain in all industrialized nations
Back Pain is the number one cause of lost work days in the US
The SpineZone Program, developed by spine specialists, relieves back and neck pain while minimizing the need for surgery, prescription drugs or injections.

Our Program strengthens your weakened muscles by fortifying the fine tissues that support your spine. Through sophisticated exercise therapy programs, SpineZone uses the regenerative capabilities of your body to alleviate pain and restore health.

At SpineZone you are supported with a team of highly trained doctors, physical therapists, physician assistants, and spine specialists that determine the right therapy program for you, that can address any problem or concerns you might have.

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The SpineZone Team is here to restore you to health, no matter the type or severity of your back pain.

We have been there. We understand what it feels like to suffer from chronic back and neck pain. We know from experience that your story and needs are unique to you and your journey.

With SpineZone’s dedicated team of spine surgeons, physician assistants, physical therapists and spine rehabilitation specialists your path to recovery is a phone call away.

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