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B M, 49

I was involved in a rollover auto accident a little over 4 years ago which resulted in my neck being broken with a C-5 fracture needing a 5 level fusion from C-4 to T-1. After months of physical therapy and moderate strength training I was introduced to the SpineZone Program. Having been through such a brutal recovery physically and mentally I was very excited to hear that I could add even more pain to my already complex schedule (by going to SpineZone). It’s been over a year now since I started the SpineZone Program and most people can’t even tell that I had broken my neck. Strong muscle supports the bones in my spine. It’s that simple and so is the Program. Dr. Raiszadeh is absolutely brilliant and the staff of SpineZone “golden”; Dan, Frank, Luis, and especially Kari and Cassie. All have 5 star ratings in my book; always a positive atmosphere (never crowded); always looking forward to going and getting my spine zoned.

Laura H, 17

At the age of 16 I was considered a highly ranked tennis player. But then, I started to feel this severe pain on my left side, especially when I was twisting and serving. I started pulling out of tournaments because I couldn’t play without pain and risked missing the sectionals, which also meant missing a chance at a scholarship. Needless to say, this was an important year for me. I tried physical therapy. Went to a chiropractor. No help. I had almost given up my dream of Division I tennis until I was referred to SpineZone. I started my treatment and within a few short weeks I returned to playing competitive tennis and won that scholarship!

Garrett F, 32

I’m an active guy. I love to kayak, yoga, and I workout regularly. During a recent yoga class I experienced some lower back pain. It would flair up after the class and shoot sharp pains in my lower back. I went to the doctor and they told me I had sciatica. The pain would not go away. Every time I changed position or moved in a certain way too fast, the pain would radiate all the way down my leg. This lasted for 7 months with no sign of relief. That’s when I turned to SpineZone. I wanted a program that would help me resume my active lifestyle quickly, without surgery. Thanks to their customized programs, I’m able to kayak again, continue my yoga practice and do much more.

Adam H, 14

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 7. By the time I was 12 my back began to have a noticeable curve. Luckily, I was in no pain. I started to correct my spine by enrolling in the SpineZone program as well as wearing a nighttime brace. The stretches and strengthening programs helped to prevent further curvature. In fact my spine is beginning to straighten and my posture is better than ever.

Carlos M, 55

Back in 2002 I started having lower back pain which lead to limited mobility. I hired a personal trainer to help strengthen my back. But during one of our sessions, I pushed too hard and the pain started up. I went a spine specialist, who diagnosed my condition as degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. For the last 6 years I ‘ve tried everything to relieve the pain. I even had injections scheduled every three months. But it didn’t help. My posture was beginning to stoop forward. I had a procedure done to reduce the pain in 2012 but that also did not help. That’s when I turned to SpineZone. In a matter of weeks, I saw a vast improvement in my posture. I can feel the difference.

C S, 40

When I started to feel pain in my neck, I knew it was from work. I use a computer for my job and perform repetitive neck motion. I was given meds and started a physical therapy program, but there was no improvement. I went to SpineZone where I was assessed and confirmed that I had weakness and numbness in my neck, a herniated disc and nerve impingement. I signed up with SpineZone and at first the sessions were really hard. But I stayed committed to the 6 week program and now I’m back to work without any difficulty.

Allissa P, 65

I began going to SpineZone in order to help with chronic lower back pain. It was painful in the beginning, but with the help of the wonderful staff, I gradually began to feel better. Within 3 months, my back pain was virtually gone. I could get out of bed without the chronic morning pain. I could actually get a good night’s sleep because my back wasn’t nagging at me throughout the night. I was able to exercise again without feeling miserable. I felt stronger and healthier. At the end of my three month session, I went in for some routine surgery. The surgery went fine, however a couple of days later I developed a severe abdominal infection. This infection led to a rush to the emergency room which in turn let to septic shock. For the first 24 hours, the doctors really weren’t sure if I was going to make it. Luckily, I pulled through. I credit my quick recovery to SpineZone. I can’t thank the staff at SpineZone enough for their support, encouragement, and tenacity. They work hard to make their patients feel successful.

Finnegan M, 61

I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in the neck and lower back when I came to SpineZone. I had shooting pain down my left arm and pretty much a throbbing pain in my left thigh, especially when I walked. My doctor referred me to the SpineZone. She herself had extensive treatments for similar problems and was amazed at the positive results. Upon arriving for my first session, I was optimistic, but not sure as to just how simple exercises could help me and take away the pain. Boy was I wrong! After about two sessions the pain in my right thigh started to diminish, and after four sessions went away and didn’t come back! I progressed to heavier weight and more rep’s because I could. The pain from my neck and lower spine was subsiding!! I really appreciate the care and professionalism of all the staff.

Emily C, 32

My first visit to SpineZone was after a spine surgery to manage back and hip pain due to a trauma from an automobile accident. Physical therapy started six weeks after surgery. I discovered quickly that by managing my physical health all other aspects of my life improved especially my attitude and a desire to remain fit. I have thoroughly enjoyed my twice a week fitness routine over the past two years. It’s been a rewarding experience for me. The SpineZone staff have been instrumental in helping me to regain my stability and core strength. Making this commitment of time and money has been the perfect solution for me. It has given me the opportunity to continue the exercise and training I need to maintain my health and progress.

Marco J, 40

After many years of annoying back pain, I can finally say I'm officially cured! Thanks to the good folks down at the SpineZone! After my 3 months of treatment, I continued with my own weekly regimen and finally content with the fact that I will need to continue maintenance for the rest of my life. But that is a small price to pay for a healthy back. I couldn't thank them enough, and I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is facing surgery or dealing with pain management drugs that make you feel funny to check this place out. It will change your life forever!!!

Craig D, 66

SpineZone made the difference between living with constant pain and getting back to a nearly normal life.

Shauna T, 58

I really dislike physical therapy and the idea of a gym. I was very doubtful that SpineZone could help my back pain. Now, over a year later - I realize this program is the only thing that has helped my back pain. I am in the maintenance program and attend twice a week. I always feel better after going through the routine. I would highly recommend this program.

Anthony C, 63

I love SpineZone. See my 5 star Yelp rating (Tony C.).

Thomas C, 64

I've been attending SpineZone for over two and a half years. The exercises I do each week have not caused me any significant pain for the past 3 months. Prior to that, I could barely begin or complete the twist machine without tremendous pain.

The fact that I can strengthen my core without causing pain to my lower back is a testimony to the outstanding machines that have been designed specifically for people that have back issues/weaknesses. There would be no possible way I could attend a regular gym without doing damage to my lower back. I appreciate being able to work out once a week at a place that has been able to diminish my level of pain to nearly zero.

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