In an effort to protect our patients, staff, physicians, their families and others from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are providing extensive Tele-health services through our SpineZone Online platform, which has over 2 years of over 90% success in treating spinal patients throughout California. This allows direct access to our spinal specialists, with customized home exercises and educational content regarding your condition. This will enable you to stay home and have your visit on the phone or via the web. We care about your safety and wish you the best during this time. Please call us at 844 316 7979 to schedule.

SpineZone Provides
Complete Assessment
Online Program
Onsite Program
Utilization Management
Searching for a reliable back pain treatment today is like entering a maze of unpredictable treatment options. Surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, pain specialists, and acupuncturists all have often conflicting opinions. Whether you are caring for yourself, or your patients - the path to recovery is uncertain and expensive.

At SpineZone we have perfected a complete solution for everyone - all acute and chronic patients. First, we perform an assessment of all patients to determine the care they will need. Next, we immediately customize a comprehensive 6-week treatment program designed to provide relief. A health coach is provided for patients to help them progress. Primary care and other resources are available when required. The proven nonoperative 10-week SpineZone on-site Program is available for patients who need it. This way we ensure that patients receive exactly the care they need. In rare cases, patients who require it will receive injections or surgery.

Our financial interests are aligned with patient outcomes