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Restore your strength and reclaim your life

Over 550 primary care doctors trust SpineZone and actively refer all their back pain patients to SpineZone.

Considering that back pain is the third most common reason people visit their primary care doctor, it’s no wonder we have treated patients with every different age, pain severity, health goal, and health condition. We can easily tailor the Program for you.

With the guidance of our highly trained physical therapists, spine rehabilitation specialists and physicians, you will experience your body’s remarkable ability to heal through consistent, incremental progress.

Options like Surgery or Physical Therapy may by themselves have adequate short-term results, but by focusing on the core elements that contribute to back pain SpineZone can ensure sustained long-term relief from pain.

Consultation and Spine Evaluation

$225 Value

(included in all SpineZone programs)

No matter your level of health or the severity of your pain, have our staff provide you with a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of your posture, strength, and risk of long-term pain.

SpineZone Strength program

10 weeks – 20 Sessions

Contact us for your insurance eligibility

Our core SpineZone Program that has made us famous for curing the most severe cases of back pain, without surgery, medication, or injections. Whether your pain is considered chronic or if you are motivated to end your pain forever, this is the program for you. It won’t be easy, but this program has 10 years of clinical success and thousands of happy customers now living pain-free.

7 week SpineZone intensive program

7 weeks – 14 Sessions

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Building strength takes time, and our experience has taught us that sustained, long-term relief of back pain requires at least 7 weeks of work. Although each person has different recovery times in their strengthening process, we have found that 7 is the magic number to achieve the conditioning to reduce your back pain and improve function.

SpineZone Maintenance Program

10 Sessions

Contact us for your insurance eligibility

SpineZone offers maintenance programs for patients who remain excited about their results from the SpineZone Program and want to continue to train and strengthen their back at SpineZone. This program is designed to cost effectively enable you to maintain the benefits of SpineZone. SpineZone staff is always available to answer any questions. Requires completion of a SpineZone Program.

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