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SpineZone is defining the future of how back pain is treated in the United States

Patient Advisory Board

The Board enthusiastically meets monthly and the discussion is driven by the Board members.

We value your opinion and love your enthusiasm about your results, our training staff, and our clinics!

Meet The Board

Meet The Board Members

The Board brings community members together so we can help improve SpineZone and make it accessible to more people who need it!

My name is Roger Caldwell and I am 63 years old. The reason I joined the SpineZone Patient Advisory Board is to help others not go through the pain and suffering that I experienced when I injured my back.SpineZone is unique in the sophistication of how it approaches back problems. They put you back in the drivers seat. You will have to do a lot of work yourself to improve you. With their guidance the odds get stacked in your favor. I am no athlete but their approaches to core strength building are outstanding.

Along the way some strange things for me personally started to happen. All the prescription pain meds that I was taking to just get some rest were needed less and less. Other difficulties like a bad knee that made it hard to walk through a store also just evaporated. My personal health has been anything but wondrous before the SpineZone. When I injured my back I could not walk more than a few feet. I rolled in a wheelchair when I started. Three months later I was snorkeling in Mexico and not taking any pain killers. Now, almost 3 years later I still don’t need a Tylenol on a regular basis. My life is more active than it has been in years.

I have seen all types of people benefiting from the SpineZone from young athletes in their 20’s to retired people in their 80’s. Anyone who is not happy with the way their body is working I feel could benefit from at least checking out what SpineZone does. One of the most important points is after they have guided your strength back is to avoid going back to old habits. Keeping your body in shape it is one of the best preventive techniques to keeping you healthy and happy.

I broke my back due to an accident that resulted in such severe pain I could barely stand up or walk. My doctor initially thought I had sprained my back and recommended rest and medication. After close to 2 weeks of that regimen, with no relief from the pain, I was referred to physical therapy. When I got very little relief from the physical therapy, my doctor ordered specialized X-Rays that showed a compression fracture of the spine. My doctor explained 2 treatment options. One choice was to have medical cement injected to fill in the area of the compression. The second choice was the specialized equipment and therapy of SpineZone, which my Doctor considered an excellent option. Fortunately, I chose SpineZone over the invasive injection treatment.

I am an active senior citizen who enjoys skiing and sailing. The back injury, if not properly treated, would have curtailed the sports activities that I have enjoyed throughout my life. With the excellent support and guidance of SpineZone’s physical therapists and the specialized therapeutic equipment, I was able to eliminate the pain and regain my full range of activities Рskiing, sailing and other sports activities. Through the SpineZone program I was not only able to heal from my back injury, but I am able to continue to strengthen my back to reduce the likelihood of future injury.

When I consider what SpineZone has done for me and others, I want other people who suffer from back conditions to be aware of SpineZone as a natural, non-invasive alternative that builds on the natural physiological and anatomical potentials of our bodies. I am serving on the Patient Advisory Board because I see my participation as an opportunity to increase the awareness of SpineZone as a holistic alternative to high risk options such as surgery and drug therapy.

I would recommend SpineZone to anyone suffering from back pain before considering surgery or other high risk options. When they receive the relief they are seeking, they will feel gratified that they did not pursue costly, high risk options. Further, SpineZone allows patients to get control over their own life, not only for initial healing but for lifelong maintenance of their lifestyle.

I’m 85 and I’m delighted to share my SpineZone story.

I was recommended by SpineZone Mission Valley Management to be a participant on their Patient Advisory Board (PAB). My experience with SpineZone spans over eight years which gave me an opportunity to successfully complete the initial program and continue with the maintenance phase of the treatment with positive results.

SpineZone is unique because their approach to spine therapy was designed by Orthopedic Surgeons who devised a customized alternative to surgery by utilizing specialized exercise machines under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists.

Before I was referred to SpineZone by my PCP my back condition was complex, Late onset of Scoliosis with Stenosis compounded by arthritis which resulted in back pain, limited ability to walk and not able to be active. This led to overall muscle atrophy and I was not enjoying life!

Having been a skier, and sports enthusiast I was discouraged.

My Primary Care Physician referred me to SpineZone and I was on my way to a new life. At SpineZone, they customized a program for me using specialized exercise machines under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists. They concentrated on my core strength and carefully focused back exercises. Also as Part of the methodology they recommend stretching exercises at home which are important to maintain muscle tone and strength

As a result of my SpineZone therapy I have no back pain I improved my core strength, balance, flexibility and overall well being. As an octogenarian I really appreciate being able to stay active and enjoy life without back pain.

The SpineZone Team at the Mission Valley location are knowledgeable, creative, dedicated and are caring professionals. I very much appreciate their help and attention.

Based on my successful experience I believe that anyone with back pain or back problems even in my age category, should consider SpineZone as an alternative to surgery.

My name is Ross Myers, I am 60 years old. I became a member of the SpineZone Patient Advisory Board in hopes that I could spread the word to other people about the unique program at SpineZone.

I worked with many of the machines and staff at other physical therapy establishments and gym’s only to find that the pain would always come back regardless of how hard I worked. I did this to the point of discouragement. The SpineZone method and machines are targeted at specific muscles that support the spine. The machines at SpineZone isolate these muscles in a way that avoids injury and maximizes the benefit of repetition and light weights.

Anyone with re-occuring back pain would benefit by coming to SpineZone, even those people that do not have injuries but just pain. As I have learned, this usually comes from poor spinal muscle tone.

This is actually my second time coming to SpineZone, the first was before they offered the maintenance program. My first experience proved to me that the method worked, but with no maintenance program, I slowly slipped back to daily pain and not being able to do the things I want to do. I got to the point where I was going to have to give up my fishing trips offshore and was no longer able to take the long mountain hikes that I had come to love over the years. When I heard that SpineZone now had a maintenance program I admonished my Doctor to make an effort to again get me a referral which he was able to do after convincing the group. That was two years ago. Since that time I have made my maintenance visits a regular part of my life. I recently spent a week fishing offshore, catching 100lb Tuna, and experienced very little back pain. I am back to my long hikes and have no problem walking 5 or 6 miles at a time.

If you have back pain, make the effort to come to SpineZone regularly, follow the advice and regimen of the Staff and you will experience a new life with less pain and the ability to do the things you want to do.

You can help shape the future of SpineZone and of health Care in the United States!

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