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My journey with melanoma

It’s funny how I got into health…

I was a typical start up guy: worked hard, traveled lots, ate fast (Trader Joe’s was my best friend) and exercised regularly. I spent my career in the coal pits of China where I saw climate change from ground zero. That experience led me to a simple mission: to reduce the most carbon per unit of my effort. In other words, make Beijing look like San Francisco!

That belief took me from consulting at McKinsey to working for Al Gore, where I advised Fortune 500 clients and invested in solar companies such as First Solar (FSLR) and Alta Devices (acquired by Hanergy). Most recently I was General Manager at Cogenra Solar, a venture-backed startup.

Life took a turn in 2013 when I found out I had melanoma.

In less than 24 hours I was diagnosed and advised by two oncologists, one general surgeon and one plastic surgeon, all which led to one option – surgery – scheduled for the next day. It happened like clockwork. The wide area excision would have removed flesh the size of a golf ball, severing my Achilles tendon and leaving me on a wheelchair for life.

I woke up the next morning to 30 voicemails from my parents begging me to try Gerson Therapy, a lesser-known but effective natural treatment. I was conflicted but decided to trust my instincts and canceled the surgery. Sound crazy? Not after I understood the science.

Most chronic diseases share two root causes: toxicity and deficiency. Gerson Therapy addresses both with peer-reviewed science to back it up.

My common sense also kicked in. What is cancer? It is a system failure – a complete degeneration of our metabolism.   What is surgery? A local solution. So how does a local solution solve a system failure?  Once I got my head wrapped around that I could no longer look back.

It’s not just cancer. Gerson Therapy has cured 50+ chronic diseases ranging from allergies, type II diabetes, heart disease to multiple sclerosis. How does one therapy cure so many diseases?  The short answer is reset. It resets our body to normal metabolism, restoring mineral balance, replenishing vitamins and enzymes and purging toxins.  The body wins when it is simply “normal.”

Over the years I’ve met many who lie on their deathbeds not knowing they had a choice. That could have been me. I believe people should have a choice. I’m on a new mission to inform the world that we can cure most chronic diseases by activating the body’s ability to heal itself.

Interestingly, my new mission hits two birds with one stone: livestock production contributes >51%* of greenhouse gases. By moving to a plant-based diet we can heal the body while helping to heal the world’s carbon crisis.

About the AuthorJesse Yu is a close friend of the SpineZone team, and his story of challenging traditional, aggressive treatments which are not always incentivized by patient wellness aligned closely with SpineZone’s philosophy.

* Goodland, R. & Anhang, J. Livestock And Climate Change. World Watch, 1-10 (2009)

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