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Can Mindfulness Woowoo Heal Physical Pain?

Can Mindfulness Woowoo Heal Physical Pain? Science Says “You Betcha It Can”, If You Actually Do It…

I, for one, am ready to learn something new, something backed by science, something that was looked at as legitimate medicine thousands of years ago but in modern times has been often discarded as “woowoo”.



The science of the brain.

Resetting neural pathways.


….. did we lose you yet?


How about using mindfulness to change your entire life?

Or shifting your energy and focus in order to speed up and maximize the healing of physical injuries?


Any other woowoo buzzwords we could use here to completely alienate the newbies?


In his book Take Back Control, Dr Kamshad Raiszadeh, Head Woowoo Advocate and Founder of SpineZone, goes into great personal detail about meditation and its benefits. Mindfulness & meditation is a valuable component of the SpineZone therapy program. And there’s science to prove how effective it is.


If embracing our leading edge orthopedic care program can improve your back and neck pain, let’s say…

50%+ with the physical therapy protocols and home exercises

And another 10%+ with the anti-inflammation diet prescribed by our nutritionist

And how about another 10%+ improvement with our sleep counseling 

And maybe another 10%+ following the expert suggestions in our HABITS program

…you’re already at an 80%+ improvement. 


We do all of these things at SpineZone. 

We call them our BeingWell Modules, and we offer them to every patient that walks through our doors, virtually or in person, as part of our wholebeing health program. They’re included at no extra charge.


What have you got to lose by trying stress management in the form of mindfulness and meditation to get you up to 90% improvement? Or higher.  What’s the risk? Time?


Fifteen minutes a day to just sit and breathe with no distractions and no phones and no kids and no one needing anything from you? And it might improve your healing, your mood, your brain function, and your overall health? 


Sounds awful.

Like too much of a commitment.

You know I’m joking.

It sounds like a 15-minute daily personal lottery win.

Coincidentally, SpineZone has a 90% success rate of reducing patient surgeries.

Let’s talk.

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