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Back & Neck Pain Relief Hacks from the Experts

7 Ways to Combat Negative Thoughts While Injured- Part 1

In his book Take Back Control, Dr. Kam says we need to stop separating the physical from the emotional and treat our bodies with the Whole-Person Protocol. This philosophy works whether we’re hurting or not, but it’s especially effective when used to address fear and decision making as a result of back and neck pain from accidents and injuries.

What are the things we have control over, the things we can do for ourselves to get incremental but immediate improvement?

1. Do A Reality Check:

“Am I really going to be in this debilitating state of back and neck pain forever and nothing is going to change that… or is it possible I’m catastrophizing?” 

We let fear control us, a lot actually, and we shouldn’t. Our brains are more creative, motivated, engaged, and resilient when we’re thinking positively. Is it sometimes a placebo effect? Maybe. But if improvement happens, does it matter? I’ll take any placebo effect I can get, as long as it improves my life. Are you with me?

2. Do Your Research:

“Should I look at all my options or just choose Door #2 with my fingers crossed it’ll work?”

Be assertive and engaged as you gather treatment information, ask providers what type of lasting effects their treatment will have on you. Seek out options other than surgery. Talk to others who’ve been where you are if possible. Get information and then make the decision that’s best for you and for your lifestyle and goals. We weren’t built in a factory, so a standard answer isn’t going to work for everyone.

3. Ask Friends and Loved Ones for Their Opinions:

“Should I take a quick poll of my trusted friends and confidants or just let my brain spin out in fear?”

By talking through our fears with people we trust, we can gain perspective and not focus on the opposite but equally damaging horror stories or overly optimistic results. We can better see our situation for what it is- an opportunity to start on a path to healing. A challenge. Trusted friends are there for a reason: to trust in, and to provide support. Why not let them?


SpineZone’s leading edge knowledge on modern pain science will empower you to make informed decisions about your own healing process. We’ll stay focused on your pain, so you can begin focusing on your healing.

Come back next week for Part 2!

Spoiler: there’s a question in it about Cousin Eddie. #dontlistentohim

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