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Physical Therapists: the Backbone of SpineZone

When Your Workplace Culture is Healthy, Your Patients Benefit Too

Believe it or not, physical therapists play one of the most important roles in our healthcare system. 

Physical therapists sit on the front lines, and every day they’re seeing patients who have a somewhat uncertain road ahead – patients struggling with pain, who have probably heard a few different opinions on what to do next, and all of those options are expensive and likely have a long road to recovery. Sitting between the patient and that road is their physical therapist.

It has been and still is a hard time to be a physical therapist. 

Most therapists have some debt from their education which can be a constant stressor. 

Covid has been trying for almost everyone, but certainly for therapists who have had to work through the best and the worst of the pandemic. 

PTs sometimes deal with challenging patients and work in systems which seem to take time away from actual patient care. 

The list goes on.  

And if physical therapists don’t have the tools and support they need to truly heal patients, it can be defeating as an orthopedic care professional because the whole reason they do this is to help people.

It’s their love language.

At SpineZone, we’re looking to turn that model on its head and ensure that we’re always leading with our physical therapists. 

We start with training. 

Every clinician at SpineZone receives advanced training on and around the spine to have an understanding of spinal conditions unlike anyone else in the profession. SpineZone physical therapists work directly with our team of nutritionists, mindfulness counselors, habits specialists and pain psychologists to ensure their patients are fully cared for from the bio to the psycho to the social. 

At the heart of SpineZone is a mission to help as many people as possible find healing from unnecessary suffering, and we know that we can only do that together

Because we know that great patient care takes a village.

It’s about the bonds we form with each other


To be a therapist at SpineZone is to want to be among the best in the field. 

As a company, we’re built to help in that pursuit every step of the way. 


Come and Join Us

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