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My Low Back Pain Now Has Bonus Neck Pain… SPINEZONE PLEASE HELP?

Wow This Hurts. Can We Do Something About It?

FINALLY. My chronic back pain is being taken seriously and I’ve been offered an evidence-based healing program. Praise the spine gods.


Day 1 of the Epic Saga:

I got an email from my online coach Sarah welcoming me to the program. She seems really great so far. She sent me 5 exercises/stretches tailored to the problems I described in my questionnaire. They were definitely doable, but enough of a challenge that I felt like I’d accomplished something. 

I also got some videos, a welcome to the program from the CEO, and one from Dr. Kam himself, with instructional tips on how to sit in your chair for work and minimize the damage to your back and neck. Who knew you have to squeeze your butt back as far into the ergonomic gap as you can and become one with the chair for optimum benefit? SpineZone did. And maybe you do. But I did not. I do now though. #gamechanger


That Wasn’t So Bad, What’s Next?

Day 2: 

It was the weekend, and I got busy… so I forgot my exercises and felt guilty when I saw the text reminder. Then I decided to give myself some grace and reminded myself that life happens. The reason I’m doing this is to improve my health, right? And beating myself up for slacking already isn’t going to improve anything. I did them first thing the next morning and felt great.


Of worthy note: there are helpful and concise videos that show you exactly how to do each exercise. One was The Clamshell, which I’ve been doing off and on since my days back in 1997 Jazzercise. And guess what? I’ve been doing it wrong. In the SpineZone Online video, there is a subtle pelvic adjustment demonstrated that I hadn’t mastered thus far. And when I did? That subtle adjustment added so much resistance and extra stretch I was amazed.


Day 3:

Did my exercises, watched my educational video, checked in with Sarah. All was well with the world.


Direct Covid19 Exposure Noooooooo!

Day 4:

I woke up feeling awful and my good friend tested positive. I’d spent the weekend with her. I messaged my coach Sarah and let her know what was going on. Guess what? You can “Pause” your program for things like this. So I did. She paused me for 10 days just in case, but can get me going sooner if I feel better. I took a home test- it was negative- but am still waiting on my PCR


Moving Forward Despite Possible Plague Derailment

Day 5:

We went forward with my phone consultation because all I had to do was push the answer button for that. Sarah was curious, attentive, and thorough in all of her questions about my neck and back pain. She asked about past surgeries, injections, pain meds, posture/work setup, health history, and injuries. She reversed me back 2 days after I was sick and that helped a lot with my feelings of “I’ve already missed days and it’s so soon”.


I got my results and they were NEGATIVE– hallelujah– so I can get started again. My exercises changed a little after our consultation and these look even more beneficial. What began as major back pain from an injury has become more neck-pain focused. It’s all connected- who knew?


Sarah asked me to take some candid posture photos and send them to her in the chat so she can better gauge where I need help. I’m not thrilled about taking selfies of myself slouching and not “sucking it in” to put my best look forward, but she doesn’t need my best foot. She needs my reality. So I’ll take them, send them, and then keep them as my own personal “before” story so I can track my progress.



Days 4 & 5

After resting for a few days with Covid19 symptoms but still testing negative, I got back in the swing and did my program. Chatted with Sarah again about one of my neck stretches causing me to “see stars” which apparently is not good. She modified it for me and the stars got better. The 3rd time I did the stretch the stars were gone, so it must be loosening up, right? I also got a massage, which probably also helped.


Remember the Hilarious Olestra Debacle?

Today I got my invitation from the BeingWell Team to get started rebooting my nutrition and nourishment routine. Beth, the registered dietitian, sent me 3 videos on nutrition and 2 videos on inflammation. And also a Zoom invitation to the 2 Week Online Nutrition Series! I start in 3 days. I think my nutritional intelligence is already pretty stellar, so we’ll see what I learn. I bet I’ll be surprised at what I don’t know, or at what has changed since I became a self-proclaimed expert at eating right. I mean, remember when Olestra was the new nutritional miracle ingredient, and we all bought into it…

…for a week or so until we learned the horrifying side effects? I feel like that whole fake fat fad is what made me start questioning the people who are just trying to sell things and instead start getting my information from actual nutrition experts before I jumped on any new diet or weight loss bandwagon. The SpineZone program isn’t a fad, it’s evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and proven time and again to heal folks suffering from musculoskeletal pain.


My Plan Moving Forward:

  • Daily check-ins with Coach Sarah via text message- so convenient!
  • Daily stretches and exercises
  • Quick daily video education
  • Start my nutrition education journey with Beth
  • Morning Meditation to keep my healing mindset in motion
  • Get ready to start kayaking, go hiking again, and see if I can still rollerskate!


My personal “why”, my reason for wanting to heal and improve even after all this time is so that I can stay young as long as possible, live the lifestyle I choose and not one my injury chooses for me, and roll around on the floor with my future grandkids when I have them. I don’t want to be the grandma who CAN’T. I’ll be the grandma who CAN.


If this resonates with you, give SpineZone a shout and see what the program can do for you.

In case you missed the first installment of my Back & Neck Pain Soap Opera Story, here’s the link!

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