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Improving the Quality and Affordability of Spine Care
John Jenrette, MD
Executive Vice President, Cedars-Sinai Medical Network
Former CEO, Sharp Community Medical Group
“The physicians at Sharp Community Medical Group are huge supporters of SpineZone and utilize this program consistently for their patients with low back and cervical neck pain.
They have noted overall improvement in back pain for their patients while achieving major reductions in surgeries, diagnostic imaging and other invasive procedures. In our 2011-2012 measurement period SpineZone saved Sharp Community Medical Group over $400,000 in additional back pain related costs. Working together since 2008, one might project our overall cost savings to be as much as $3.4M for our patients with back pain. SpineZone was uniquely founded by surgeons who are committed to providing the least invasive methods to improve our population’s back conditions and return each patient to the best level of physical and emotional function and highest quality of life. I am highly encouraged by the outcomes provided by SpineZone over the years and it will remain a key resource to the physicians and patients of Sharp Community Medical Group.”
“More than 130 of Sharp Community Medical Group’s doctors are referring their patients to SpineZone.
Our experience with the 10 week program has been strong enough that we allow referral of patients with back or neck pain to SpineZone without the need for prior authorization. More than half of the patients who start the program will successfully complete all 20 visits.

Our patients have good clinical outcomes, they’re very satisfied with the program, and Sharp Community Medical Group is avoiding the need for more invasive and more expensive treatments. SpineZone is a valuable partner with Sharp Community Medical Group in helping to provide high quality, cost-effective care.”
In January 2015 the Health and Human Services department set a target to tie 85% of traditional Medicare payments to quality by 2016 and 90% by 2018. These explicit goals for alternative value-based payment models are influencing medical groups nationwide to move away from fee-for-service models. Medical groups will be rewarded as they adopt models of care, like SpineZone for back pain, that are compensated according to the patient outcomes they provide.
SpineZone was established in 2005 by Dr. Kamshad Raiszadeh and is the result of a six year crusade to provide people with a better non-operative option to back pain. With an integrated team of Spine Surgeons, Physician Assistants, and Physical Therapists patients receive the appropriate level of care, at the appropriate time.
The SpineZone approach allows the body to heal itself and prevents recurrence of pain while eliminating unnecessary medication, surgery and injections.
per patient Cost reduction
For medical groups by referring to SpineZone, compared with national average
national average
SpineZone cost
reduction in pain
For SpineZone patients, compared with other conservative back pain therapies
Referring physicians and SpineZone patients alike attest to extraordinarily high levels of satisfaction in their care.

Pain reductions calculated with the VAS outcome measure.
Physicians and Specialists
Belong to referring medical groups, who send their back pain patients in San Diego to SpineZone.
SpineZone provides unmatched patient engagement (retaining 55% of patients though the complete 10 week program), a clinically integrated team of multi-disciplined providers, and dashboards for Physicians to stay on top of their patients progress.
SpineZone achieves significant cost savings by reducing downstream utilization. Our non-operative philosophy, our coordinated team, and personalized program result in reduced need for
Primary Care visits
Orthopedic Surgeon visits
Neurosurgical and Neurology visits
Diagnostic Imaging (XR, MR, CT, EMG)
Laboratory Studies
ER Visits
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How SpineZone Does It
Our hardware and software allow us to measure progress at every step
Complete Pathway Management
We are experts at treating chronic pain and promoting prevention
We believe you can’t improve what you can’t measure
Industry Leading Retention
We’ve mastered the art of engagement and 60% of patients return
Clinical Research
Our methodology is backed by > 80 research studies