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Happier Patients, Fewer Surgeries, and Better Analytics with SpineZone
A 2-year retrospective study on back pain cases with SHARP Community Medical Group yielded cost savings of 31% through fewer surgeries and hospitalizations, reductions in high cost imaging such as MRIs and reduced emergency room visits.
SHARP is an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) with over 200 primary care physicians and 500 specialists in San Diego County.
Their physicians care for over 130,000 HMO patients, 15,000 commercial ACO patients, and 24,000 senior patients as one of California’s six CMS Pioneer ACO’s.
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Study Design
Traditional Pathway (Control)
Members with a claim for a back pain related diagnosis beyond a PCP evaluation, Evaluation and Management
July 2008 and June 2010
SpineZone Program
Members with a SpineZone claim
July 2008 and June 2010
The Results
When patients in this study visited SCMG with back pain, their primary care doctor would refer them to either SpineZone or to a traditional treatment clinic. SCMG found that the SpineZone group when compared to the control group had lower costs and better outcomes
Reduced Costs
Significant reduction in ER and inpatient costs
Reduced Pain
Patients pain level decreased from 5.4 to 2.9
Reduced Medication
Less need for Analgesics
Reduction in equipment (DME) costs
Reduction in imaging cost (MRI/CT)
Reduction in Neuro cost
Reduction in Ortho cost
Reduction in inpatient costs
Reduction in ER costs
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