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SpineZone Treats Back Pain

The Problem: Back Pain

Ok, yes, “back pain” is a very generic term for the conditions we treat at SpineZone. Seriously though, isn’t back pain the absolute worst? 


What’s to Blame?

There are so many causes of chronic back pain: injuries, repetitive movements, poor posture, upper crossed syndrome, lower crossed syndrome, stenosis, sciatica, degenerating and/or herniated disks, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, facet issues, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and more.


How Does It Feel?

So. Many. People are suffering from chronic back pain. The difficulty of navigating the healthcare system, the fatigue that sets in, the frustration from trying to be heard… sometimes we just give up and decide to live with it. We get used to the pain, we avoid the things we know will trigger it, and we begin to believe that it’s “normal”. 

Let’s stop that thinking and normalize wellness instead. Normalize taking back control. Are you with us?


How Will SpineZone Help Me Get Relief?

At SpineZone, our comprehensive healing approach is the perfect way to relieve back pain. The highly-skilled orthopedic care team of physical therapists and wellness counselors at SpineZone will have you on the road to recovery as soon as you schedule your evaluation. Quality orthopedic care has never been so convenient.

Are There Prevention Tips?

There are lots of prevention tips specific to each condition, but here are some best practices for optimum musculoskeletal health:

      • Limit repetitive lifting, pushing, bending, twisting, and pulling
      • Maintain a healthy weight by staying active and flexible
      • Learn and practice proper posture
      • Take frequent breaks when driving long distances, when working from a desk, and when in any type of sedentary position
      • Quit smoking, or don’t start, since smoking lessens the oxygen supply to the disks in the spine, causing quicker deterioration


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