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SpineZone Treats Pediatric Conditions

The Problem: Pediatric Spine-Related issues

Sports Injuries

Adolescent Scoliosis



What’s to Blame?

Most spine-related pain in pediatrics is due to posture. Kids’ daily life activities in school, doing homework, & texting can lead to poor posture. “Text neck” is a real thing. If this isn’t corrected, it can lead to a fixed posture or more severe problems like disc issues or early degeneration.

Sports that put strenuous stress on the back (gymnastics, football, baseball, & tennis) are also to blame.

How Does It Feel?

Neck pain, back pain, tightness, and weakness are all symptoms of pediatric spine-related issues. It’s no fun to be sidelined from your favorite sport due to injury. It’s also no fun to have poor posture, a sore neck, and even poor body image. Adolescent spine-related problems are often overlooked. 

How Will SpineZone Help Me Get Relief?

  • Posture Education: We help by teaching your child techniques to strengthen key muscles to maintain good posture throughout the day and stretch muscles that get tight due to that signature slouch.
  • Exercise Education and Monitoring: We treat the inevitable sports-related strains and sprains by teaching your child how to strengthen and stretch, helping them repair by strengthening the core, stretching tight muscles, and monitoring as needed so your child can return to prime sporting function.

Are There Prevention Tips?

Early identification of posture issues is a must, along with awareness and education. Orthopedic care at SpineZone can help.

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