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SpineZone Treats Spondylolysis

The Problem: Spondylolysis

Also called Pars Defect or Stress Fracture

What’s to Blame?

Hint: Walking upright as a human being.

One out of 20 people have this lumbar vertebrae stress fracture.

Repetitive stress to the thin bone segment joining 2 vertebrae (the pars interarticularis) is the cause. Those who participate in soccer, football, or gymnastics are at higher risk.

How Does It Feel?

Many people affected by spondylolysis have no symptoms. The unlucky ones who do usually report back pain that gets worse with sports or activity but doesn’t affect daily activities.

How Will SpineZone Help Me Get Relief?

SpineZone’s orthopedic care team along with our BeingWell mindful living practitioners will create a comprehensive regimen to have you doing your favorite things at full speed before you know it.

Are There Prevention Tips?

Crawl instead of walk?


Maintaining a healthy and appropriately active lifestyle, properly nourishing and hydrating the body, and stress management can all be beneficial in maintaining better health longer.

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