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7 Ways to Combat Negative Thoughts While Injured – Part 2

At SpineZone, integrated care is our middle name. Along with alleviating unnecessary suffering from back and neck pain. And also optimum health and wholebeing. 

We have lots of middle names, like the European Royal families but with significantly less pretentiousness.

In Part 1 we told you the first 3 not-so-secrets. Here are the next 4.

You’re welcome.

  1. Ask the Experts Your Worst-Case Scenario Questions:

“Should I ask a few reliable sources if they think I’m going to end up in a wheelchair or should I ask Cousin Eddie his opinion instead?”

Don’t be afraid to ask many different practitioners to get a consensus. You’ll probably get an “are you kidding- of course that’s not going to happen” and you can consciously let go of those worst-case scenario fears. Just maybe steer clear of Cousin Eddie’s advice until he’s proven himself..

  1. Face Your Unpleasant Feelings:

“I feel angry and sad- should I learn to sit with it and be uncomfortable for a period of time to make sure my angry feelings don’t surface later and do more harm… or should I self-medicate and take the first suggestion I’m offered (surgery, anyone?) to try and end this pain?”

Our thoughts are often the source of our problems. Let’s just stop doing this. Let’s ask ourselves why we feel this way. Let’s be honest with ourselves and honor our emotions instead of suppressing them and overreacting later. Let’s be brave. Deal?

  1. Seek Tools that Help Increase Your Awareness:

“Should I learn mindfulness and face my negative thoughts so I can objectively observe them or should I just yell around about it?”

I guess our caveman relatives could have shunned and discarded the wheel and decided they didn’t need tools and just kept struggling day in and day out because it’s more noble and makes you tough. But they didn’t, so why should we? It’s a myth that we’re supposed to struggle in order to receive anything of value. Let’s remove it from our healing process as much as possible, ok?

  1. Allow Healing to Occur:

“Should I continue to underestimate what my body can actually do with proper treatment or should I go for it?”

We don’t have to live in a state of perpetual overwhelm. We can embrace possibilities, expect transformation, and execute real life healing plans backed by research. We can Take Back Control.

Are you ready?

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