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“I Don’t Have Time to Relax or Be Grateful” Sounds Like Nonsense When You Say It Out Loud, Doesn’t It?

Mindfulness practices are legit, people.

Especially if you actually do them.

 Dramatic Sufferer’s Log: Week 2

I had my first Mindfulness Session this morning at 8am and it was glorious. I decided to really do it up right and went to the beach and set up my own little Zen space. A huge pink beach blanket, my low lounge chair with booster pillow to keep the right “C” curve in my lower back ( Thanks, Dr Kam!) and my headphones.

Alvona, one of SpineZone’s stellar physical therapist assistants, was the meditation leader and she was phenomenal. She was the only one with her camera on so there was no worrying about how you looked or who else was there and how they were doing it.

Just ease and flow.


She led us on a journey into gratefulness…  

First we visualized a time/event in our past when we made a great decision and it worked out really well for us. We visualized our younger selves being so happy we made the choice we did. My event was my choice to move to the beach in California at age 49. And my younger self was imaginarily jumping with glee that we finally made it. It brought a genuine smile to my face to think about how badly I always wanted to live here since my first visit at age 16… and now I’m here.


Second, we visualized a time when we made a choice that didn’t work out quite as we hoped. We didn’t go back into the disappointment, or how we felt when things fell apart, but instead thought about the positive things that happened as a result of the event. We imagined all of the good things that have happened in our lives despite that event that didn’t work out.


I enjoyed this experience because it felt like a gentle mind massage. I’ve been meditating for quite a few years now, but like most people, I fall off the wagon now and then. This morning’s session reminded me how grounding and enjoyable it can be. How it helps regulate your nervous system.

I’m also still going strong with the daily stretches. I’m starting to really like how they feel and how I feel after I do them. I can tell my neck and back are loosening up and my pain has gone from 6’s and 7’s to 3’s and 4’s. 


Of particular note: One of the exercises was causing me to “see stars” so I stopped it and reported it to my coach Sarah in our chat. Within minutes it was removed and I got an email from her letting me know to stop and that she’d add in a gentler alternative. I love this aspect of the program. I didn’t have to wonder, or wait for an appointment to talk to my PT. The problem was fixed immediately.


Next I’ll be heading into Week 3… stay tuned for what I learn from Beth, the registered dietician and nourishment coach extraordinaire.


If this resonates with you, give SpineZone a shout and see what this all encompassing physical therapy program can do for you!

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